Support your members' fitness goals at zero cost to you!

The first hour after a workout is when muscles are primed for nutrient intake.
You know how important it is to eat within that hour for maximum impact.
Help your members save time and get the best results from their gym workouts with fresh,
nutrient-packed and delicious fitness meals.

We'll bring fitness meals straight to you for your members, every day.

Food for fitness

Our fitness meals are rich in heart healthy fats, lean proteins, whole grains and vegetables.
They are locally-sourced and seasonal, wholesome and unprocessed and designed to feed and repair muscles,
speed-up recovery and increase metabolism.

Your members invest time to workout at your gym. They are committed to having a fit body, mind and soul.

Help them stay-on-track with nutritious and delicious meals they can easily grab-and-go from your gym after their workout.
Provide them with premium fuel to feed their body.

Fitness is 80% Nutrition.

The best part: Zero cost to you, and you'll receive a percentage of the sales.

We do all the work. It's as simple as:

1) We deliver the fresh meals to your gym every morning.
We create delicious meals using locally-grown, unprocessed ingredients in a certified, commercial kitchen.
The meals are nutrient-dense and easy to digest to help with body recovery after a workout.

2) Place the fresh meals in your fridge along with your sports drinks and let your members purchase them on their way out.
No more worrying about time to cook a healthy meal.
Our gourmet fitness meals are affordable ranging from $9 - $14.

3) At the end of every two weeks, you reimburse us for the meals sold while you keep a percentage of the sales.

It's that easy.

How do we know this will be successful in your gym?
Because it's already a success at other gyms.

Example: Maui YMCA
At Maui YMCA, we help members stay committed to having a fit mind, body and soul without sacrificing their precious time. For hundreds of members, our fitness meals have become part of their fitness routines. They complete their workouts and grab a fitness meal on their way out. Thousands of fitness meals are sold every month at Maui YMCA.

And again, the best part: Zero cost to you!
Here's a few samples of our fitness meals

Contact us now, we're happy to come and walk you through our process in person. We'll even bring you a couple of our meals so you can see how delicious and nutritious they are. You and your members will love them.

Call us at 808.283.6358